LuminTV | Clean Movies for Families | About LuminTV

What is LuminTV? 

Sadly, clean shows and movies are hard to find. If you are a parent, you know how challenging it is to monitor everything your child does online. Filtered movies for families are great, but still require you to be proactive to choose what types of movies your child watches.

LuminTV is a streaming service that only has clean and uplifting movies and shows. Essentially, it’s filtered movies for families without the filter. We do the filtering for you by choosing family-friendly content. No matter what video you watch, even your Grandma will feel comfortable watching. 

Who is LuminTV? 

 LuminTV saw that filtered movies for families were becoming the norm in today’s world. [Name], a movie director for [company], partnered with other movie producers to put all of their movies on one site. LuminTV was then launched in July of 2017 with over 100 movies.  

How LuminTV Works 

For a monthly subscription, you can have access to over 100 movies. We guarantee that all the movies and shows are good for the family to watch. Once you log in, you simply browse and pick a movie you want to watch. Click play and you are good to go!